The Corbett Award

The Corbett Award was created in 1967 and named in honor of the late James J. Corbett to commemorate his many contributions to intercollegiate athletics and specifically to the Sugar Bowl. At the time of his death, Mr. Corbett was the Athletic Director at Louisiana State University. These awards are presented annually to the most outstanding amateur male and female athletes in the State of Louisiana. The Corbett recipients are selected each year by members of the N.O. Sports Hall of Fame Committee, based on nominations submitted by the state's sportswriters, sportscasters and sports information directors.

Since its inception in 1967 (through 2017), Corbett Award winners include 16 NFL players, eight Major League Baseball players, four NBA players (including two Hall of Famers), eight Olympians (including seven Gold Medal winners), three WNBA players and one PGA Tour star.

2016-17: Sam Burns, LSU Golf
2016-17: Ashleigh Gnat, LSU Gymnastics

2015-16: Leonard Fournette, LSU Football
2015-16: Lexie Elkins, UL-Lafayette Softball

2014-15: Alex Lange, LSU Baseball
2014-15: Lexie Elkins, UL-Lafayette Softball

2013-14: Leonard Fournette, St. Augustine High School Football
2013-14: Christina Hamilton, UL-Lafayette Softball

2012-13: Aaron Nola, LSU Baseball (MLB)
2012-13: Kimberlyn Duncan, LSU Track & Field

2011-12: Morris Claiborne, LSU Football (NFL)
2011-12: Christi Orgeron, UL-Lafayette Softball

2010-11: Patrick Peterson, LSU Football (NFL)
2010-11: Kimberlyn Duncan, LSU Track & Field

2009-10: Louis Coleman, LSU Baseball (MLB)
2009-10: Susan Jackson, LSU Gymnastics

2008: Tyrell Fenroy, UL-Lafayette Football
2008: Ashley Brignac, UL-Lafayette Softball

2007: Matt Forté, Tulane Football (NFL)
2007: Sylvia Fowles, LSU Basketball (WNBA, Olympic Gold)

2006: Xavier Carter, LSU Track & Field
2006: Seimone Augustus, LSU Basketball (WNBA, Olympic Gold)

2005: Micah Owings, Tulane Baseball (MLB)
2005: Seimone Augustus, LSU Basketball (WNBA, Olympic Gold)

2004: Marcus Spears, LSU Football (NFL)
2004: Seimone Augustus, LSU Basketball (WNBA, Olympic Gold)

2003: Chad Lavalais, LSU Football (NFL)
2003: Seimone Augustus, LSU Basketball (WNBA, Olympic Gold)

2002: Michael Aubrey, Tulane Baseball (MLB)
2002: Julie Smekodub, Tulane Tennis

2001: Josh Reed, LSU Football (NFL)
2001: Britni Sneed, LSU Softball

2000: Brad Cresse, LSU Baseball
2000: Peta-Gaye Dowdie, LSU Track & Field (Olympian)

1999: Tim Rattay, Louisiana Tech Football (NFL)

1998: Shaun King, Tulane Football (NFL)

1997: Brandon Larson, LSU Baseball (MLB)

1996: Warren Morris, LSU Baseball (MLB)

1995: Kerry Joseph, McNeese State Football (NFL)

1994: Russ Johnson, LSU Baseball (MLB)

1993: Todd Walker, LSU Baseball (MLB)

1992: Shaquille O'Neal, LSU Basketball (NBA, Olympic Gold)

1991: Shaquille O'Neal, LSU Basketball (NBA, Olympic Gold)

1990: Esther Jones, LSU Track & Field (Olympic Gold)

1989: Chris Jackson, LSU Basketball (NBA)

1988: Teresa Weatherspoon, Louisiana Tech Basketball (WNBA, Olympic Gold)

1987: Marc Zeno, Tulane Football

1986: Eun Jung Lee, Northeast Louisiana Basketball

1985: Lauri Young, Northeast Louisiana Track & Field

1984: Kim Mulkey, Louisiana Tech Basketball (Olympic Gold)

1983: Buford Jordan, McNeese State Football (NFL)

1982: Alan Risher, LSU Football (NFL)

1981: Pam Kelly, Louisiana Tech Basketball (WBB Hall of Fame)

1980: Hal Sutton, Centenary Golf (PGA)

1979: Roch Hontas, Tulane Football

1978: Charles Alexander, LSU Football (NFL)

1977: Doug Williams, Grambling Football (NFL)

1976: Terry Robiskie, LSU Football (NFL)

1975: Robert Parish, Centenary Basketball (NBA Hall of Fame)

1974: Terry Kieffer, UNO Baseball

1973: Rodney Milburn, Southern Track & Field (Olympic Gold)

1972: Bert Jones, LSU Football (NFL)

1971: Rodney Milburn, Southern Track & Field (Olympic Gold)

1970: Rick Kingrea, Tulane Football (NFL)

1969: Pete Maravich, LSU Basketball (NBA Hall of Fame)

1968: Pete Maravich, LSU Basketball (NBA Hall of Fame)

1967: Nelson Stokley, LSU Football

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