Michigan - Mike Martin - Sr. - DT
(On Virginia Tech's offensive ability) "We knew they were going to step up and make plays. They are a good team, but we knew we were going to make plays as well. It was going to come down to who would make the last play and we were the last ones to do that. It just goes to show you that if you persevere and finish good things will happen for you."
(On what Michigan has gone through this year and if it was worth it) "Words don't explain how big this win...championship is for this program and this team. These seniors haven't won a championship yet and this [win] just cultivates all the adversity and ups and downs we went through. This is just the perfect way to cap it all off."
Michigan – Kevin Koger – Sr. – TE
(On Junior Hemingway’s performance tonight) “He’s a big play threat. We mess with him all the time, calling him "Big Play" Hemingway. That’s just the type of athleticism and big play ability he has. When the chips are down and our backs are against the wall, we know he [Hemingway] can make the play.”
(On kicker Brendan Gibbons kicks tonight) “I think it's more mental for him. He’s always had a big leg; he’s always been accurate. It’s been more mental for him than anything. He went to a lot of kicking camps over the summer. He did a great job of working on his mechanics. Coach Dan Ferrigno came in and did a great job of working with him. I think you’ve seen the work he put in over the summer and all the fall camps start to really show up.”



JUNIOR HEMINGWAY: We're back. Michigan's back.
            Q. What's the season mean? What's the season mean? To cap it off like this in overtime?
            JUNIOR HEMINGWAY: Adversity, all the hard work, a whole lot of determination, shows our resilience, our confidence. It shows our preparation.
            It shows everything. All the hard work, all the fight, all the things that we've been through this season, and no ain't better way than this right here.
            Q. Sugar Bowl win?
            JUNIOR HEMINGWAY: Sugar Bowl win. Thank you.

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