Louis Armstrong International Airport, December 28, 2011
Virginia Tech Head Coach Frank Beamer
(Opening Statement) “I can tell you we are tremendously excited to be here. To come to this bowl, of course it has a history on how they operate. To come to this bowl and to play one of the winningest programs in college football is just special. We will do our best to make this a great football and bowl game. We've had some practices back in Blacksburg, they've gone well and we expect the practices here to go well and we look forward to the bowl game.”
(On the opportunity to play in the Sugar Bowl) “We are very excited. We've been in a BCS bowl game in four of the last five years. I found out as I go out on these speaking tours for our Alumni, they like to win these ball games. They don't just like to come they like to win. We are going to have to get this done. The more you study this Michigan team the better they get. They are well coached up front offensively and defensively. Their front is their strength for them and they perform well. It's going to be a challenge for us.”
(On your prep so far for the game) “We've stressed the importance of this game to the kids. We want to perform well and show the Sugar Bowl's confidence in picking us as an at-large team and we want to earn that.”
(On tailback David Wilson) “David's a special player, special person. He's a happy person, always happy, never sad and always on the go. He might have hopped off of the plane. He’s got a great outlook, energetic and always positive. He plays football that way, runs with great effort. He's fast, strong and runs with great effort.”
(On what impresses him about Michigan) “They are tough, very physical. Extremely well coached. Dangerous on offense. Some quarterbacks are hard to tackle in open spaces; this guy [Denard Robinson] is hard to tackle in close spaces. He’s special. They operate efficiently and they are just a good football team.”
Virginia Tech LB Tariq Edwards
(On the excitement surrounding the Sugar Bowl) “We are very excited, especially for the guys whose first time it is in New Orleans. We are very excited.”
(On the distractions the city of New Orleans has to offer) “Coach has talked about that to us a lot before coming down. We just have to know what we came down here for and be familiar with that.”
Virginia Tech WR Danny Coale
(On earning respect for playing in the Sugar Bowl) “We were given an opportunity to play in a great bowl. After we played on a national stage against Clemson we didn’t play well. It disappointed all of us. It was pretty embarrassing at the same time. So having an opportunity to play in the Sugar Bowl against Michigan, a storied program that Virginia Tech wants to be, it’s a huge honor and something we are taking seriously.”

(On what stands out about Michigan) “They’re really talented just all across the board. When you think Big Ten, you kind of think powerful. They have a quarterback that can run all over the place. They’re quick. They’re fast. They’re the same on defense. They’re powerful up front and they have some speed in the secondary.  So it’s a unique team that I don’t think we’ve played all year long with the combination of size and speed. It’s going to be fun.”

(On being concerned about Michigan) “I don’t really go in a game concerned. I think we’ll look at some more film this week and we’ll try to find some areas to go after. They’re a great team. They do have a lot of prestige. They’ve had a great season; I know they’ve had some big wins, and I know all of the guys think that they’re a very talented team. It’s a great opportunity that we’re really looking forward to.”

(On what is surprising about Michigan while looking at game film) “I didn’t watch them much this season. I didn’t know a lot about them. You know the history, and you’ve heard of past Michigan teams and then you look at them on film. Their front is huge; they’re enormous. And then their secondary is out there making plays. It’s a unique combination of power, size and speed. I don’t think it’s something that we’ve seen quite like that this year. They’re just a really good team.”

(On what the offense needs to do to improve from the ACC Championship game) “We weren’t able to throw the ball and we weren’t able to run the ball well either. So to help each other out, to be able to have some success on offense we have to be able to do both well because we feed off each other. We just need to get into a groove. I don’t think we were in a groove against Clemson. We’re going to work hard this week to get in that groove and get a little more polished.”
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