BCS Bits - What is the Harris Poll? (September 22, 2009)The season's first Harris Interactive College Football Poll will be released Sunday (September 27). The poll is administered independently by Harris and so they're the experts.  But here are a few tidbits that may be of interest:

*   This is the fifth season that the Harris poll has been an element of the BCS Standings.

*   The Harris Poll comprises one-third of the Standings. The other two elements, of course, are the USA Today Coaches Poll and the average of six computer rankings.

*   Each of the 11 conferences nominated 30 people to serve on the Harris panel; Harris randomly selected 10 from each bunch. Notre Dame nominated nine (Harris selected three) and Army and Navy nominated three (Harris selected one.) Yep, there are 114 panelists.

*   The panelists' names will be available at www.harrisinteractive.com/bcspoll in the next day or two.  

*   The rankings will be posted on the Harris web site each Sunday. Each individual panelist's rankings will be posted on Selection Sunday.

*   The season's first BCS Standings - Volume 12, No. 1 - will be released October 18.

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