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Allstate Sugar Bowl Volleyball Classic Features 450 Athletes

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nearly 60 teams competed in the Allstate Sugar Bowl Volleyball Classic on Feb. 14-15. The event featured teams of age groups ranging from 10-18 and included over 450 athletes. All teams competed in pool play on Saturday followed by single elimination on Sunday.

In addition to local New Orleans teams, there were several out-of-town squads visiting the city, including teams from Atlanta, Baton Rouge, Lafayette and Mobile. There were three teams in the 10-year old age group, eight 12's, eight 13's, seven 14's, 11 15's, 11 16's, five 17's and four 18's.

The Blue Crab 10s were the winners of the 10-year old division. Crescent City Jrs. came out on top of the 12 year old age group, while 504 Elite Frank won the 13's division. The 14's winner was Krewe of Denise and Krewe of Jayne grabbed the 15's division top spot. NAVC 16 Blaze won the 16-year old division and Krewe of Tammy captured the 17s title. Capital City was the 18-year olds winner.

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Below are the results in each age group.

1st   Blue Crab 10's
2nd  Krewe    
3rd   Hurricanes 10 Blue
1st   Crescent City Jrs.
2nd  Red Storm   
3rd  Krewe of Lisa
3rd  Krewe of Julie
5th  Blue Crab Pink
5th  Krewe of Ashlee
5th  Hurricanes 12 Blue
5th  504 Elite 12's
1st  504 Elite Frank
2nd  Red Storm   
3rd  Blue Crab 12's
3rd  Krewe of Myra
5th  Blue Crab Don
5th  Cajun Elite   
5th  Hurricanes 13 Blue
5th  504 Elite Edwin
1st  Krewe of Denise
2nd  VBL Diggers National
3rd  Crescent City Jrs.
3rd VBL Diggers Regional
5th Blue Crab Moss
5th Hurricanes 14 Blue
5th  VBL Diggers Local
1st   Krewe of Jayne
2nd  Blue Crab Faith
3rd   Blue Crab 14's
3rd   Red Storm   
5th   Capital City   
5th   Krewe of Mallory
5th   Spikers 15 Jill
5th   VBL Diggers   
9th   Hurricanes 15 Blue
9th   504 Elite Scott
9th   LVBR 15's   
1st  NAVC 16 Blaze
2nd  Red Storm National
3rd  Crescent City Jrs.
3rd  Krewe of Jodee
5th  Capital City   
5th  Gulf Coast Select
5th  504 Elite Rodney
5th  VBL Diggers Nat'l
9th  Krewe of Cassidy
9th  Red Storm Reg.
9th  VBL Diggers Reg.
1st  Krewe of Tammy
2nd  VBL Diggers National
3rd  Cajun Elite   
3rd  504 Elite Fred
5th  Capital City   
1st   Capital City   
2nd  NAVC 18 Blaze
3rd   Hurricanes 18 Blue
3rd   Red Storm National



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