Charles C. ZatarainContributor

Inducted: 1986

One of the 39 founding members of the Sugar Bowl, Charles Zatarain became an original member as the representative of the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce.

As a founder, he was a leader in the development of the 300 guarantors, which put up the $30,000 for the initial Sugar Bowl. He was also captain of one of the ticket-selling teams which successfully sold out the initial game, taking the projected guarantees from $15,000 to the two teams to $27,800 for both Tulane and Temple.

He was also a leader with the two capital-funds campaigns (1939 and 1947) for the two major expansions of the old "Sugar Bowl" through the sale of bonds.

He served as treasurer (1946-1947), vice president (1948-1949), and president (1950-1951) of the Sugar Bowl, and was chairman of the Executive Committee in 1967 and 1968. At the time of his induction, he still served on the Sugar Bowl's Executive Committee and was a member of the 50th Anniversary Committee.

With the Sugar Bowl, he has served on and chaired virtually every committee, including the team selection committee. He was directly involved in the securement of Oklahoma and LSU in 1950 and Kentucky and Oklahoma in 1951. In addition, he was also the chairman of the radio and television committees back when the Sugar Bowl packaged the game itself for both mediums to get such programming started.

Away from the Sugar Bowl, he organized and sponsored the American Legion Junior Baseball Team ("Papooses"), which won the World title in 1932, the state title in 1933 and finished second nationally in 1937.

Additionally, as president of the Audubon Park Commission, he was directly involved with the fund-raising effort to build the swimming pools at Audubon Park.