Allstate Sugar Bowl
Television Information

Frequency Coordination
All media outlets using any sort of wireless devices MUST register their devices with the Allstate Sugar Bowl & Allstate BCS Championship frequency coordinator. You should have filled out a form when you filed for credentials. If you have questions regarding frequency information, please contact Tim Landry at or 985-966-1125.

Please clear any use of TV-U or LIVE-U packs in ADVANCE with our frequency coordinator.

Parking at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome
We have limited parking for satellite trucks in Lot 3 at the Superdome from Dec. 31 to Jan. 2. Please contact Roylene Carter (, 504-587-3805) about reserving a space and payment for your spot. The rate is $250 and they accept credit cards, cash and company checks; payment must be made in advance of arrival.

Game-Week Parking

Prior to Dec. 31, there will not be any parking available at the Superdome for satellite trucks (due to the New Orleans Pelicans game). If you need additional days of parking, please contact John Sudsbury with your needs.

Possible Live Shots/Stand-ups
We will attempt to help with locations for possible live shots and stand-ups during the week. There is very limited parking at the media hotel, but depending on circumstances, we may be able to accommodate stations wishing to go live from there. Contact John Sudsbury ( with specific requests. There is an island in front of the Superdome that can accommodate satellite trucks. Contact Patrick Stedman (504-587-8800, for specific requests regarding that area. Another option is to contact Lauren Cason (, 504-566-5059) with the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau or Katie Williams (, 504-658-4315) with Film New Orleans, who may also be able to assist with potential locations.

Pregame Live Shots
The Southwest corner of the Superdome field will be available for stand-ups until 6:30 p.m. on game day. Postgame live shots are not allowed until the end of the game (0:00 on the clock). Access to the Superdome for live shots earlier in the day is possible by requesting in advance. Please understand that bands will be practicing throughout the day and it may not be a good option due to the noise.

During Game Feed
Television personnel are NOT allowed on the field after 6:30 p.m. ENG cameras, video cameras and film crews are NOT allowed on the field during the game. The ESPN feed will be available for recording in the Press Conference Warehouse. Television personnel without assigned seats in the press box can use the Media Work Room on the ground level to work during the game. Cameras and television crews will be allowed to return to the field at the end of the game (0:00 on the clock) for interviews and live reports.

Press Conference Feeds
Official press conference audio and video is ONLY available from our official feed - this applies to the Dec. 31 head coach press conferences and the postgame press conferences. Please make sure you have the proper equipment and cables to receive this feed. Composite video is via BNC, and audio (mic or line level) is via XLR. If you are capturing our feed to a personal computer, you will need adapters to connect your capture device (Canopus, Elgato, Etc.) to the mult. Generally, the capture devices use RCA connectors as inputs - Thus, for video, you will need BNC to RCA male, and for audio, you will need XLR female to RCA male. Recording on a VCR or camera will require BNC to the input on the device, generally BNC, and XLR female to the input on the device, generally XLR male.  SDI/HD video with embedded audio is via BNC.  You will have the ability to pull a separate audio feed via XLR if needed. For further information, please contact Ray Garofalo (

We have an ftp site which will have video from all of our press conferences (not the full press conference, usually 5-10 minutes). We upload high-quality standard def .mov files. For questions on this, please contact Bill Dalton at

Game Day Media Meal
The media meal will be served in the main West Bunker Suite on the first level of the Superdome from 3:30-7:30 p.m. Halftime snacks will be provided in the main press box as well as in the Media Work Room.

Pep Rallies
Any information on team-specific pep rallies will be posted when available.

Live Satellite Feed for Postgame Press Conferences
The postgame press conferences for the Allstate Sugar Bowl will be available via two live satellite feeds, one in High Definition and one in Standard Definition.  

HD Feed - Postgame (1/1/15)
Time: 12 a.m.-2 a.m. (EST) - date is actually Jan. 2, but this is for the post-game after the Jan. 1 game.
AMC 16 TX 18
Down link Frequency 12048.0 MHZ
Polarity Horizontal
Symbol rate 10.0
FEC 3/4
DVB-S QPSK MPEG-2 16 X 9 1080i

SD Feed - Postgame (1/1/15)
Time: 12 a.m.-2 a.m. (EST) - date is actually Jan. 2, but this is for the post-game after the Jan. 1 game.
AMC 16 TX 18
Down link Frequency 12057.0 MHZ
Polarity Horizontal
Symbol rate 3.9787
FEC 3/4
DVB-S QPSK MPEG-2 16 x 9 480i

Trouble: Dan Teachworth (, 504-915-8244)
Uplink Company: Satellite Center New Orleans

AMC 16 Test Slate to test your satellite receiver and check your dish alignment.
Downlink Frequency 12195.0 MHZ
Polarity Horizontal
Symbol Rate 3.9787
FEC 3/4

This test channel is up 24/7/365. Please test here before game day.

Game-Week Assistance
If you need assistance during the week with hiring of local contractors, Emerald Coast Film & Video has assisted stations in the past. Satellite Center can assist with all satellite uplink needs, including truck rental.